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    As a rule, commercial real estate tenants put a lot of worth on enough parking spaces for customers and staff. As landlord, you are facing the challenge to reliably ensure, that the promised number of parking places are indeed available. This can only be safely ensured by professional management. It is often not cost-effective if one has few parking places. This is a problem which AXXTEQ would like to solve for you.

    Our Concept – simply more service

    Our suggestion is: We install a modern barrier system with integrated live video and intercom system in your car park and manage this for you. With little effort, you can make sure your property receives additional revenue. The innovative technology that we use guarantees that a parking lot with a restricted amount of parking places can also be run in a cost-effective way, if done by remote maintenance. For you, this could mean that the revenue from parking fees could soon exceed the running costs for the management. An ever-increasing bill …

    For property-owners or landlords of a property, it is a one-time flat fee for the installation of the system and set-up of all the master data. AXXTEQ will keep a contractually-stipulated fixed sum, on the one hand and on the other, a small sum of the outgoing parking fees. Thus all the costs – for maintenance and continuous management via Internet, the constant regular maintenance plus the customer service – are fixed as a lump sum. All income that exceeds this, will favourably benefit you as property-owner or landlord.

    AXXpark-Online – works like this

    • Short-time parkers receive a parking ticket or identify themselves with their bank card
    • Customers of the tenant can be given, if need be, parking vouchers to entitle free parking
    • Long-time parkers use a plastic card, to drive in and out
    • The AXXTEQ support centre takes over the continuing support and supervision of the system via a permanent internet connection
    • Drivers are directly connected with the support centre, in case of operational problems – staffers are not needed in the car park
    • Local service providers or workers are involved to keep up maintenance of the system with tickets or spare change
    • AXXTEQ takes over the complete technical and administrative management of the property and will present all the processes in a monthly report, to be open and transparent.

    Talk to us. We would like to look after your property.

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