Turnstiles / Personal checks

AXXpark for Recreation Centres

Barriers and signaling systems

AXXpark for Car Parks

AXXguide Traffic Guiding Systems for Car Parks

Intelligent solutions for the transport and leisure industries – this is what AXXTEQ stands for

Car park management, cashier systems and access control for recreation facilities simply work with AXXpark systems.

Barrier and signal systems, car park systems, LED lighting technology and turnstile person controls supplement the portfolio of this Aachen-based business.

AXXTEQ provides service for car park operators with the AXXTEQ-Online label and enables you to have a total management of your garage or a fully networked remote maintenance.

AXXTEQ … and it simply works


AXXTEQ creates access – we provide the right solution for every project

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Your business is our business – we serve our customers around the clock

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Who we are and where we come from

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AXXTEQ systems can be reached via internet. Many problems can be fixed immediately because of this, without the need for a service visit on-site.

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Here we are:

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