AXXpark for Recreation Centres -Access controls and cashier systems for Recreation Centres

  • What is the AXXpark Cashier System?

    Relaxation – from the first to the last minute, is what everybody wants that spends their free time in a swimming pool or another recreational facility. Access and cashier systems which are easy to use and uncomplicated are also important feel-good factors. AXXpark cashier systems address these wishes optimally with flexibility and user-friendly touch-screens. This excellent reason is not the only motive for operators of a leisure park or a swimming pool facility to choose a modular system platform from AXXTEQ.

    Our Concept – Simple innovation with super results

    We are going, in many respects, in new directions with our AXXpark cashier systems and are consequently focussing on internet possibilities:
    > cross-location networking of properties with system-wide credit balance,
    central administration for income and tariffs,
    integrated video surveillance
    and cash registers, which can be supervised and managed by PC with an internet browser

    You decide which access medium is best suited to you, as the AXXpark cashier system supports all known methods:
    > Barcode papier tickets are value-for-money and ideal for sport and public swimming pools.
    > Transponder coins offer a universal solution for family spas with sauna and wellness areas.
    > Transponder armbands guarantee comfort for disabled swimming facilities and thermal baths and combine optimally with electronic locker keys.

    Our modular equipment and software concept can be used in properties of any size. This ideal system solution can be created for any type of task. A broad portfolio of manual and automatic pay stations, access scanners, turnstiles and software modules is available. The efficient module concept puts us in the position, to cater to particular customer wishes or to enable quick and affordable systems expansion.

    AXXpark – Simply cost effective

    The inventory control system is integrated in AXXpark and supports you as a manager with the maintenance and processing of all possible business transactions and tariff models. Numerous tariffs and tariff structures can be used simultaneously to fully integrate gastronomy and sales articles. Changes or amendments to the tariff systems can be implemented at any time by remote maintenance and be assessed in advance, with the help of a tariff simulator to ascertain cost effectiveness.

    A high performance reporting module is available for the continuous controlling of all sales processes. All data can be retrieved via a local network (LAN) or via a EDI network, depending on the location. All reports can be issued as PDF documents or can be further processed as an exported Excel spreadsheet, in addition to the notification on the screen or as a printout from a work printer.

    Do you have further questions about our AXXpark systems? Give us a call – we are there for you.

  • Tariffs, Cashier, Statistics/Report


    The comprehensive data management system integrated with AXXpark provides the operator with a powerful tool to set up and manage every common business cases and tariff models.
    For this purpose, AXXpark supports the user with the following functions:

    • Any number of tariffs and tariff structures may be used at the same time.
    • Gastronomy sales and ticket sales are totally integrated.
    • The tariff simulator allows testing new tariffs as well as revenue simulation against historic statistics data.
    • The system calendar allows for specific adjustment to regional conditions (e. g. local holidays)
    • Export function (Excel, PDF) available for all reports.
    • Modifications to system data or tariffs can be  effected through remote maintenance via Internet.


    AXXpark cash points are used via touch screen displays, which allows for a very intuitive usage. Thus, the optimum of flexibility and comfort is reached and the operator training is reduced to a minimum.
    Apart from cash payment, AXXpark cashier systems accept a variety of cashless payment means. Such as popular debit or credit cards. This equally applies to cash points and automatic paystations.


    For the successive control of all commercial transactions an efficient reporting module is provided. The reporting system is operated through an Internet browser and can be used from any computer. Moreover there is no additional software required. Due to the Internet-enabled system platform data may be accessed from local area network (LAN) or from remote. In addition to displaying on the computer screen and printing on paper, all reports can be converted to a PDF file or, for further processing, exported to Microsoft Excel file format.