AXXled – LED-Lighting for Underground Garages and Car Parks

  • AXXled – LED-Lighting

    Those who run an underground garage or car park soon discover that the energy costs for lighting are a substantial sum of the operating costs. For example: A small underground garage, which is lit by circa. 200 fluorescent tubes can easily cost up to € 20,000 per annum. This is a lot of money which one can, to a large extent, save without much effort. Modern LED tubes need approximately 60 % less energy compared to standard fluorescent tubes and have up to five-times longer life-span.

    Energy-saving light sources are a quick return on investment. As a rule, an investment in a LED lighting system pays back within the first two years.


    Our Concept – Simple, Individual and Economical

    We at Axxteq GmbH, have made it our mission to find optimal solutions for our customers. It starts with an analysis of the current lighting scenario in your property. This forms the basis of our individual concept, for which we will compile a personalised business prognosis. You decide if we should coordinate the necessary components and measures needed with your in-house electrician, or if we complete the project as a turnkey solution for you.

    Speak with us, so that together we can find the best solution for your business.


    AXXled – Summary

    • LED tubes in T8 standard format, mechanically and electrically compatible with standard light tube fittings
    • Using the same light output, there is 60 % less energy use compared to that of standard fluorescent tubes
    • Additional energy savings due to Low Power mode with 30 % brightness, if an area is less frequented, with prompt activation to Full Power because of motion detectors
    • Service life > 50,000 hours
    • Easy replacement of the LED lights, with no tools needed
    • Short pay-back period