AXXguide Control Systems for Car Parks and Garages

  • AXXgiude

    Car parks that are equipped with AXXguide control systems get high marks for user-friendliness from clients. As satisfied parking customers like to come back, it is important to have a well-functioning parking control system, which will add to the economic success of car parks or parking garages.

    Our Concept – easily shows the way

    Ensure for a good orientation in your parking area, as an operator and guarantee maximal parking ease from entry to exit, with the installation of our AXXguide systems.

    You can see variable traffic message signs indicating how many parking places are currently available, when entering. Clearly visible LED lighting signs direct the person who is searching for parking via dynamically steered indication arrows, from the point of entry to an area with free parking spaces.

    Ultrasound sensors regularly measure the distance between the parking lot roof, the ground and the car. This determines if a parking space is free or occupied. A bus system transfers the data to the system server. Red and green LED lights, which are integrated in the sensors, signal quite clearly if a parking place can be driven into.

    Thanks to the LED technology used, the AXXguide control systems have very nominal energy costs.

    The heart of the parking control system is the system server, which collects and processes data. The overall system fulfils the following functions:

    • Visualisation of the parking lot occupation in real-time
    • Automatic control of all light signals
    • Statistics function enables the transfer of the collected data from standard Office programmes to analyse these with Excel, if required
    • Online transfer of the parking space status to other websites in real-time.

    Interested? We would happily make you an offer for an AXXguide control system in your car park or underground garage.