AXXpark for Car Parks – Innovative car park management under one roof

  • AXXpark Car Park System

    The commercial success of car parks depends, on one hand – on the right balance between comfort and security for those parking, and on the other – on sustainable costs. Steadily climbing fixed costs for properties, staff and equipment form a complex challenge for successful car park management. It is fast becoming the norm, to see the intelligent use of new technology as the only possibility for lowering operational costs significantly, and also further improve the comfort for parking guests.

    The new AXXpark product range was conceived from scratch and is a good example of innovative car park management. These products open the doors to new economic prospects for car park management.


    Our Concept – Profit from simple technology

    We designed a technical and economically viable management system with our AXXpark module system for parking facilities of all sizes. From the parking barrier to the management workplace, AXXTEQ uses internet technology throughout. The park system is integrated with video supervision and an intercom. This makes it much easier for open protocols to be continuously integrated into available networks, such as in clinics, universities or by large firms. If a car park still has open parking spaces for instance, we could integrate these via wireless networks (WLAN).

    Would you prefer not to have to worry about running your parking lot? We can help you there. The label AXXteq-Online offers our clients exactly this service, in addition to the technical infrastructure. You decide which duties you want to outsource. It can range from a purely technical support, to all the way through to comprehensive technical and business management. Our support centre, in conjunction with our local partners, offers a 24/7 support service to address all customer queries.

    Talk to us. We are there for you.

  • AXXpark Module System

    Access Control Devices:

    • Entry Terminal
    • Exit Terminal
    • Frequent Parker Terminal
    • Door Reader
    • Barrier


    PDF – Lane Terminals LT 300 and LT 310

    PDF – Car Park Barrier PG 300

    Cashiering Systems:

    • Cashier
    • Paystation AP300


    PDF – Cashier Station CS 300

    PDF – Paystation AP 300


    • Video Surveillance
    • Number Plate Recognition


    • AXXoffice